Covid Update

Please do not come into church if you think you may have symptoms of Covid 19.

Although wearing a face covering indoors is no longer mandatory, we would encourage you to exercise discretion, especially in larger services or smaller churches. Please respect the concerns of others in the congregation, and continue to observe social distancing where possible.
We will continue to provide hand sanitiser at entry and exit points and ensure our buildings are clean and well ventilated.

If you would like a home visit, do let us know.

The following churches are open daily for private prayer: St Andrew Shrivenham, St Thomas Watchfield, St James Bourton, St Mary the Virgin Ashbury, St Swithun Compton Beauchamp and St Mary the Virgin Longcot.

Our regular online services and sermons continue, please download the Newsletter for full details.

If you need to talk or ask for specific prayers, please get in touch.

Download a guide to watching services and sermons on Facebook.

Richard Fergusson's Sermon for Sunday 3rd July

Richard reflects on the words and phrases which jump out and grab our attention as we read today’s Bible passages, and what they have to tell us about the disciples in Jesus' time, and ourselves today.

Return to Offering Holy Communion in Both Kinds

The first thing to say is that receiving both bread and wine is not mandatory. The church teaches that God gives the fullness of grace in Communion, however we receive it, so please don't feel pressured to receive the chalice if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.
We will continue wearing masks and using hand sanitiser during the prayers of consecration and the distribution. This will also apply to lay administrators of the cup. The rim of the cup will be cleaned after each communicant has received.
If you wish to receive Communion, please come to the altar rail at the distribution, standing or kneeling but maintaining a safe distance between communicants. Please wait until everyone at the rail has received before coming forward to the altar rail, to make it easier for us to know who has and has not received.
If you don’t wish to share the common cup, please stay at the rail until communion has been offered in both kinds, crossing your arms over your chest with hands pointing towards your shoulders to indicate that you do not wish to receive the cup.
The Church of England does not currently permit the use of individual cups, and intinction (dipping the bread into the wine) is considered to be less safe than sharing the cup so we are not offering it at this time. If you have any other questions, please ask!

Sunday 3rd July

7:45am  Holy Communion (BCP). Shrivenham, St Andrew.
9:00am  Matins (BCP). Compton Beauchamp, St Swithun.
9:30am  Holy Communion (BCP) for the Feast of St Thomas. Watchfield, St Thomas. 
Also live on Facebook.
Download the Order of ServiceBible readings and Look (activity sheet for children).
9:30am  Holy Communion by Extension. Longcot, St Mary.

10:15am  Family Service. Shrivenham, St Andrew.
11:00am  Morning Prayer. Ashbury, St Mary.
3:00pm  United Service. Longcot Methodist Chapel.
5:30pm  Compline and Benediction. Shrivenham, St Andrew. 
Also live on Facebook.
Download the Order of Service.

Tuesday 5th July

9:00am Morning Prayer. Live on Facebook.
Download the Order of Service and Bible readings.

Wednesday 6th July

9:00am Morning Prayer. Shrivenham, St Andrew. Also live on Facebook.
Download the Order of Service and Bible readings.
2:00pm  ASK Holy Communion, Shrivenham, St Andrew. Also live on Facebook.
Download the Order of Service and Bible reading.

Thursday 7th July

9:00am Matins (BCP). Live on Facebook.
Download the Order of Service and Bible readings.

Friday 8th July

9:00am Matins (BCP). Live on Facebook.
Download the Order of Service and Bible readings.

Saturday 9th July

10:00am  Café Inspire. Shrivenham School Hall.

Sunday 10th July

9:30am  Matins (BCP). Watchfield, St Thomas.
9:30am  Holy Communion. Longcot, St Mary.

10:15am  Holy Communion led by the Venerable Judy French, Archdeacon of Dorchester. Shrivenham, St Andrew. Also live on Facebook.
Download the Order of Service, Bible readings and Look (activity sheet for children).
11:00am  Holy Communion with Baptism. Ashbury, St Mary.
3:00pm  Benefice Sunday School. Watchfield, St Thomas.

Keeping up to date 

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